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Scott Pet and Howl’s Kitchen products are invited into homes across America every single day. This privilege inspires us to be environmentally responsible and have programs in place that help us give back.


Reduce | Reuse | Recycle​ | Recharge

  • We Reuse and Rebuild pallets in order to minimize waste materials.

  • Corporate-wide Battery Recycling Program

  • Corporate-wide Recycling of paper and cardboard

  • Provide Community Access to Recycling

  • All product packaging is recyclable and encourages consumers to Recycle at home

  • We use Rechargeable batteries to operate our communication & scanning devices as well as our fork trucks.

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LED Conversion

  • Scott Pet is in the process of changing over all lightbulbs to long-lasting, durable LED bulbs.

  • LED bulbs produce 3.4 btu's/hour compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs. 

  • LED bulbs use 1/3 to 1/30th  of the electricity of  incandescent bulbs and do not emit heat when in use.

  • LED bulbs last 25 times longer than regular lightbulbs which also assists in reducing waste over time.  

Scheduling Efficiency

Operating a 4-day week minimizes our carbon footprint by: limiting the use of fuel and vehicle emissions our employees use as well as reducing overall energy usage at the facility.



  • All attempts are made to create full truck load shipments to cut down on fuel consumption & vehicle emissions. 

  • Full truckload shipments go direct to customer  minimizing miles traveled and warehouse energy needed for storage.

  • Advise waiting trucks to shut off engines reducing emissions.

Shipping Efficiency

  • Reorganized warehouse to impact flow of incoming and outgoing products to reduce miles traveled per fork lift conserving life of battery and machine.

  • Utilize minimum packing material to reduce carbon footprint

  • Each box can be adjusted to 3 customizable sizes to maximize use and minimize waste.

Rechargable Batteries

Our fork trucks and communication devices operate on rechargeable batteries. This eliminates the use of all propane and greatly reduces the number of batteries that are purchased. The rechargeable batteries are recycled at the end of their use.

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